Fresh Start

With December quickly coming to a close, I felt as if I would get a head start with the new year. MuddyFootsteps was a fun, creative outlet where I could share recipes that I developed in my kitchen. For new followers to this blog, MuddyFootsteps was a health food blog that I created a few years ago to share these recipes. It began with a blurred vision and somewhat developed into a more specific concept. But over time my focus has become more clear and my vision for what I’m passionate about sharing is more definite. MuddyFootsteps just no longer seemed to fit where I am in life. I needed something new and something with more intention. So this is my fresh start. This is Fine Feathered.

Fine Feathered or ‘In Fine Feather’ means physically and mentally healthy. It’s described with words like strong, wholesome, lively, and healthful. If I were to come up with a list of words to describe myself, these wouldn’t be far from them. If you personally know me, I think you would agree that this title suits me far more than my old blog ever did. I’m here for a new beginning and to create a resource for readers to follow, learn, and read about ways to be healthier.

My plan for this blog is to continue sharing healthy recipes. Cooking is a huge part of my life and I don’t intend for that to ever change. I’ve always loved the idea of recreating standard dishes into something healthy that nourishes the body and satisfies the palate. My intentions for uploading healthy meals and ideas is not changing, yet will be improved upon and updated more frequently!

In addition to the recipes, I plan on sharing educational information on whole body topics. By this I mean, the impact of incorporating supplements, vitamins, and herbs into our diets. I want to share and explain vitamins and supplements in an easy to understand way, which ones you should include, and why they are important to take. I’m extremely passionate about holistic health and healing the body in alternative ways opposed to utilizing pharmaceuticals. I’ll constantly switch up the topics and shed light on vitamins that you may have never heard of.

This blog is all about health and wellness. Topics will range from the benefits of probiotics and collagen, to the differences between plant-based protein and whey protein, from finding an herbal remedy that helps with inflammation, to solving health issues like frequent constipation and bloating. I’m not ashamed or embarrassed to talk about certain topics. We are all human and go through many of the same experiences in life. I’ve experienced a lot, researched more, and found many ways to heal the body naturally. My intentions for this blog are to educate readers and hopefully help you find ways to become your absolute best.

Thanks for following! Please Subscribe to Fine Feathered and you’ll stay updated with each new post. Feel free to be interactive with the site and comment with questions and opinions. As you can tell, there are no informative posts prior to this one, but if you’re looking for some great homemade recipes, feel free to check out MuddyFootsteps for now!

Xoxo, Niki


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